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When You Get an Invite June 16, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in update.

I was just checking some of the awesome people joining the blog and noticed some blank blogs on the blogroll. Just to clarify, you don’t have to accept WordPress’ suggestion to create a blog to join this destash blog. Make sure you check the option to just create an account and you’ll have access to this blog where you can include your own blog info if you use other programs like Blogger or Typepad. I hope that helps. A big thanks to all of ya’ll for keeping the passion of destashing going!

ETA: Just in case anyone is wondering, we are seeing some pre-posts and they are looking really great. The posts are in moderation land until Monday’s grand opening. Keep up the drafting and your destash will be ready to go.


ETA #2: If you can see Destash on your dashboard that means you are a member. Amy



1. ibmomof2 - June 16, 2007

I’m really new to wordpress so please ignore my stupidity. I am pretty sure I sent in my blog name (it wasn’t my wordpress blog though) but don’t see either on the sidebar. the destash blog is showing up in my dashboard though. So does that mean I am all set and can post to the destash blog (when it’s up and running of course)?

Also..wanted to say I’m so glad you guys are keeping this going! I’m a destash addict 🙂 If you need anymore help running things, I’d be glad to. Of course, someone might have to help me out a little at first. I’m a fast learner though 🙂

2. friender - June 17, 2007

So I was one of the ones who went ahead and did a wordpress blog, but should have just inputted my blogger blog instead. How do I change that now? Thanks. btw it’s friender.blogspot.com


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