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Updated Post Guidelines and Categories June 18, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in post guidelines, update.

A few issues have come to our attention and I need to clarify a few things.

1) Please only post photos that you have permission to post, preferably ones you have taken yourself. Images on places like Interweave or Amazon are copyrighted and using copyrighted images without permission is against the terms of service.

2) We only have 50 mb of memory on our server here, so please don’t upload images or files here. There are plenty of free services you can use.

We are updating the post guidelines to include the following:

  • Upload photos to your own account or a free account like flickr or photobucket. Photos on the destashforcash.wordpress.com server will be deleted.
  • The photo should be your own photo of the specific item you are offering for sale, not a stock photo.
  • No hotlinking!

If we see someone posting copyrighted images they will be warned and given 2 hrs to fix the violation, if it’s still not fixed, then we will put the post back on “draft” status so that you can edit it and republish.

Those of you who have images on the destashforcash server will have until tomorrow to fix your posts, but in the future we will delete any images uploaded to the destashforcash account.

Finally, general categories have been added and you can tag your posts with the appropriate label. We may add more categories in the future, but for now you have the choice of the following:

  • books
  • magazines
  • needles
  • spinning fiber
  • yarns

Happy Destashing!




1. spacecase - June 18, 2007

Thanks so much for staying on top of things and taking on this project! It’s a lot of work all of us destashers (and purchasers) really appreciate it.

2. sylvchezplum - June 19, 2007

Also great thanks to you for setting this up so quickly (and all the work we all know it involves), it’s nice to see we still have a Destash place !! :-DAbout the categories, I just wanted to say maybe it would be nice to have a few more tags such as sock yarn, major yarn weights, and then cotton / wool / alpaca / mohair..?

3. annekaelber - October 19, 2007

I have some other craft items I’d like to get rid of (non-knitting)—are they permitted here? Thanks for all the hard work you do! This site is amazing!


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