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Mod post-update September 16, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in mod post, update.
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Hi folks!

It’s been almost 3 months since the new Destash has been going and it’s actually gone much smoother than I expected. Thanks to everyone who has helped make it go smoothly! The posts for the most part have conformed to the guidelines and if not, people have been prompt in fixing them.

Two minor things:

1) I’ve accepted a new job and I’m taking a class, so adding people to the community will be a bit slower as I don’t have as much free time, but I will get to people, I promise.

2) After items have been sold can you please remember to delete the post? If you’re listing multiple items you can strike through the yarns that have been sold, but deleting the pictures will speed page loading for everyone.

Thanks again! Happy Destashing!

Amy and the other mods


Updated Post Guidelines and Categories June 18, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in post guidelines, update.

A few issues have come to our attention and I need to clarify a few things.

1) Please only post photos that you have permission to post, preferably ones you have taken yourself. Images on places like Interweave or Amazon are copyrighted and using copyrighted images without permission is against the terms of service.

2) We only have 50 mb of memory on our server here, so please don’t upload images or files here. There are plenty of free services you can use.

We are updating the post guidelines to include the following:

  • Upload photos to your own account or a free account like flickr or photobucket. Photos on the destashforcash.wordpress.com server will be deleted.
  • The photo should be your own photo of the specific item you are offering for sale, not a stock photo.
  • No hotlinking!

If we see someone posting copyrighted images they will be warned and given 2 hrs to fix the violation, if it’s still not fixed, then we will put the post back on “draft” status so that you can edit it and republish.

Those of you who have images on the destashforcash server will have until tomorrow to fix your posts, but in the future we will delete any images uploaded to the destashforcash account.

Finally, general categories have been added and you can tag your posts with the appropriate label. We may add more categories in the future, but for now you have the choice of the following:

  • books
  • magazines
  • needles
  • spinning fiber
  • yarns

Happy Destashing!


Publishing and Editing Posts June 18, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in guidelines, update.
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Hi folks,

So the first bump in the road is that Contributors don’t seem to be able to edit their own posts, despite the fact that wordpress says they should be able to.  That combined with the confusing lack of “Publish” button, means that everyone is going to be moved up to “Author” status and posts won’t be moderated.

This will probably make things easier in general, but if your post doesn’t conform to the guidelines then we’ll ask you to edit it or we will put it back to draft status until it’s fixed.

Thanks for your patience!

The Destash Mods

Open for business! June 17, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in update.
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Destash! is finally ready to go! Thanks so much for your patience while we are figuring out all the quirks with wordpress and re-starting a HUGE group.

I’m going to be putting together an FAQ in a little bit and will keep updating it as questions come in.

Happy Destashing!


When You Get an Invite June 16, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in update.

I was just checking some of the awesome people joining the blog and noticed some blank blogs on the blogroll. Just to clarify, you don’t have to accept WordPress’ suggestion to create a blog to join this destash blog. Make sure you check the option to just create an account and you’ll have access to this blog where you can include your own blog info if you use other programs like Blogger or Typepad. I hope that helps. A big thanks to all of ya’ll for keeping the passion of destashing going!

ETA: Just in case anyone is wondering, we are seeing some pre-posts and they are looking really great. The posts are in moderation land until Monday’s grand opening. Keep up the drafting and your destash will be ready to go.


ETA #2: If you can see Destash on your dashboard that means you are a member. Amy

Friday’s update and a button! June 15, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in update.
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Hey folks,

Things are moving right along here. Getting people added to the blog seems to be going fairly smoothly. We’re working on things from the post moderation perspective. I expect things to be up and running by Monday. I’m sorry for the delay, but I’ve never run a group on wordpress want to try to get things right the first time! If you’re a member you can work on your posts, etc., but they probably won’t get approved until we’ve got everything under control. Also, the post guidelines haven’t been finalized yet, so things may change, so draft at your own risk 🙂

To tide you over, here’s a button:

Destash! button

link for the button:

I believe that it is okay for you to use the code as is, since it it loaded on to the blogs’s wordpress account. I am not a hotlinking expert though, so people can feel free to correct me.

If you have any questions feel free to comment here!


Membership Update June 15, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in join destash, update.
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I’ve continued to add people as they’ve emailed me. I’m going to officially open membership now.

To join Destash:

  • Create a wordpress account if you don’t already have one.
  • Go to Join Destash!
  • Read the Community Guidelines
  • Fill out the form (include your name, email, blog url)

It might take me a little time to get everyone added, thanks!

Update June 14, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in update.

Since the email was sent out by the original destash blog owners there has been a flurry of email activity and blog creation activity. I will say that I am happy to maintain and run a destash site along with the help of some other people who have already volunteered to help. I also have no problem with there being multiple destash sites, the internet is big enough for all of us.

I have added or invited everyone who emailed me as of 1:30 eastern time today. If you have emailed me and have not been added or received an invite, please email me again. I’ll open membership to everyone just as soon as I get the moderation team together. If you would like to help please comment here.

I will keep updating as things progress. I’m sure there will be a few bumps in the road, but I really loved the old Destash site, so I hope we can keep things going!


Hello world! June 14, 2007

Posted by EsotericKnitter in update.
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This post is a place holder for a new Destash for your Cash blog.

Since the blogger one is closing, I thought that we could start a new one. Check back here in a few days for updates.

If you leave a comment I may not be able to respond!