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I see myself on the blogroll, but not on the dashboard, what’s up with that?

In the beginning I didn’t have everything coordinated. Please submit a request to join and I’ll add you to the community.

I’m a member of the group, but not on the blogroll or the wrong blog is on the blogroll, can you fix this?

Yes! If you fill out the form on the Join Destash! with the blog you want listed on the blogroll, I will fix it.


My blog is on another platform/server/site (e.g. Blogger, Typepad, Livejournal). Do I have to move my blog to WordPress to join?

No, you only need a WordPress username (or blog) to post. We ask that you include your active blog in you request to join so we know you are an active blogger. You also need to include the email for your WordPress account so we can add you to the blog.

I thought I submitted a request to join, but I’m not seeing the blog listed on my dashboard, what’s going on?

If it’s been more than 72 hours, resubmit the form. I have to add people manually and sometimes requests get caught in my spam filter. If you wait 72 hours, submit the form again and 24 hours later you still don’t see it on the blogroll, email the mods at destashmods AT googlegroups DOT com.

Do I have to join to the blog or wordpress to buy off of Destash!

No you don’t. You only have to be a member to post. Anyone can purchase yarn off of Destash!


Here is the WordPress FAQ answer to how to post photos from Flickr. If you use this method you can only post one picture at a time. Use the method described below to post more than one picture.

In order to use Flickr, you will have to create an account. They require that you have a yahoo e-mail, so just create one but you can use your normal e-mail in the set up process. Just remember that e-mail and password in case you need to log into the account.

Just play around and you’ll get it, if you need more assistance, the mods are here to help. And always check out the Flickr help page.


I’m new to WordPress, where do I start?

WordPress has an FAQ page, which is a great place to start. You can also play around with settings on your own wordpress blog to get a feel for how it will be to post here. You can also submit feedback or ask questions using the “Feedback” tab at the top of the page.

I heard that WordPress has a 35 user limit on blogs. How is this going to work?

WordPress has a 35 user limit on private blogs. Destash! is a public blog and currently we have over 175 users and nothing has imploded yet.

Any other questions that aren’t answered here?

Email the mods at destashmods AT googlegroups DOT com



1. Heather aka the addknitter - June 19, 2007

Thanks for the picture info, very helpful indeed!!

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